Hello, Beautiful Soul!

We are fine. — small conscious clothing brand born in Ukraine in 2015.

fine. is the brand with free spirit and bohemian soul.

We create our special pieces for you with endless love to the planet and inspired by the beauty of our Mama Earth.

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We manufacture our clothes in two small garment factories: in Goa (India) and in Kiev (Ukraine).

Due to the war in Ukraine our Ukrainian production is going slowly than usually and at the moment we produce here a smaller part of our stock.

But we continue to produce our clothes in India in the same volume.

Good working conditions and piece rates for our Indian employees allow us to provide them with jobs, while they do not work too much and receive much more than the minimum wage. We see this as the fairest decision to provide jobs in the country we love so much.

We endlessly love each of our employees in India and Ukraine. All these people are our dream team, and we are happy to have such a multicultural fine. family, which we are proud of.


    ☾ Endless love for our beautiful planet.

    ☾ Environmental friendliness and development of a culture of conscious consumption.

    ☾ Support for slow and steady fashion.

    ☾ Inspiration from nature and real feelings.

    ☾ Creating our pieces in love and sharing all this love with our customers through our clothes.

    ☾ Spreading the Philosophy of Mindfulness.

    We would love to grow our fine. tribe with all who loves our clothes and share our philosophy. And will be happy if your values match!